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Milton Keynes Logistics is one of the UK’s leading freight forwarders Milton Keynes Logistics provides a comprehensive range of professional sea freight services.

We have built up excellent business visit this site relationships with overseas partners all over the world.

These relationships make it possible to provide our client’s with the peace of mind they’re after when shipping goods to destinations around the world


LCL Shipments

Dar Es Salam, Zanzibar & Mombasa

Whether you have a single LCL shipment or a larger multi-supplier or multi-country consolidation, our staff is dedicated to deliver your products on time. LCL shipping is a good way to ship large orders and items that are large or heavy. LCL shipping is based primarily on volume with a minimum shipment volume of one cubic meter.

If you are confused because you do not know anything about LCL shipping? You are in the right place as we deal with LCL shipping on daily basis Just fill in quotation form and let us do the rest for you

FCL shipments

Worldwide Container Shipment

Full Container Load (FCL), is the standard form of shipping freight for those who have a large amount of goods to send.

The FCL definition seems to imply that you have to fill the container totally, but in fact, this is not the case – you are renting its exclusive use but if you cannot use every square metre it may still be the cheapest method.  Other advantages are that you have less risk from other peoples’ cargo, and there is no bumping from the LCL consolidation/deconsolidation process. If you have fragile goods this can be a deciding factor in favour of FCL Shipping.

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